Martin Ballaschk

Writes About Science


I'm interested in genetics, everything molecular from biochemistry to pharmacology, health topics and basically anything that contains glutamate. No surprise: after all, I am a biologist.

For more than ten years, science communication has been "my thing". It started with a blog alongside my PhD, which turned into a job in science PR in 2015, with stints at the Max Delbrück Center and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics.

But I still find science journalism even more exciting, for example, as I got to know it during an internship at the Tagesspiegel. I decided: Starting in the summer of 2023, journalism will be my next adventure.

What I do

I love to jump into uncharted waters and to put out any fire. “No way” is not a word that comes to my mind. But there are certain things I can do better than others. Precise requirements and honest feedback help me to find a good solution for any kind of problem.


Press & PR


Science Journalism & Writing


NMR spectrocopy & Immunology


Product Website

… anything else?

Besides writing and science, I am interested in the Lower Sorbian/Wendish language, photography, computer technology in software and hardware, statistical data analysis, aquaristics, microscopy and astronomy.

I am married and father of two children. I have been living in Berlin since 2003. But my heart is still close to Lusatia and its unique nature and culture.